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What “The World’s Cutest Dog” Can Teach Us About Personal Branding

If you aren’t a fan of oddly cut pomeranians, then I might encourage you to skip this post. However, if you find them cute, adorable and perfect in every way, you’ve stumbled onto the right page. I’m talking about Boo, the self-proclaimed “World’s Cutest Dog”. Take a look for yourself:

How can you say no to that face?

My obsession for Boo began a little earlier this year and has been growing with each mobile upload by his owner, who he warmly refers to as “human”. Boo has his own public figure account on Facebook which is where I found him. His about me says it all: “My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good.” However, Boo can fool you. He’s quite the busy puppy making appearances left and right, releasing books and modeling products. After a more in-depth analysis I’ve found that Boo can teach us a lot about personal branding and how to keep that momentum rolling. I’ve found that Boo stays true to his unique personalityexpands into various industries and networks like crazy. Maybe you can’t teach an old dog a new trick, but this young puppy has a lot to teach about personal branding.

In regards to his unique personality, Boo is not the perfect puppy. He is lazy, vain and somewhat superficial not to mention his crazy haircut! Boo prefers nothing more than to sleep, cuddle and occasionally play, but mostly sleep. He loves to be the center of attention even if he tries to deny it. On Wednesdays he celebrates “Naked Wednesdays” which are days when he shaves his entire body except for his head. Even if he does resemble a fluffy basketball Boo owns it. Boo teaches us all how important it is to embrace what makes you quirky, memorable and unique. His characteristics are not necessarily positive or admirable, but at the same time he’s hard to forget. It’s easier to for other people to become more interested or involved in your efforts if they feel like they know the real you, not just some robot in the social media world. So take Boo’s lead! Embrace all your characteristics good and bad. It’s what makes you, you.

“it’s starting to get a little cold for naked wednesdays, but today i give you a little look over the shoulder. now where’s my shirt?”

When Boo hit it big on Facebook, he knew it was time to venture into other areas so his fans could adore him in new ways. Published on August 3, 2011, “Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog” became the world’s cutest book. Even puppy with a love for sleeping can tell you it is no easy task to enter other industries. Just check out the book trailer to see how hard he worked! 

After his successful book release, Boo partnered with GUND to create an 8″ stuffed animal identical twin. Can you find the real one?

“annual big-head meeting. i’m starting off by trying to figure out where the heck i am. this could take all day …”

Throughout this entire process, Boo has also managed to network his tail off. Everyone from George Stephanopoulos (as seen on Good Morning America!) to Doctor Dre seems to want a piece of Boo and he’s been working hard to maintain those good relationships. He’s also entered the retail market with American Apparel and Tory Burch. American Apparel has created “Dog Hoodies” which are basically sweatshirts for puppies (best idea ever) and Boo is their number 1 model.

“play now? please?”

When Boo isn’t modeling for American Apparel, he’s modeling for the ultimate fashionista, Tory Burch. Tory featured Boo in her Sunday email ad to promote her new dog accessories for the season.

“chillin’ with Tory Burch in their sunday email ad. i will take one orange collar, the matching leash, and the orange puffer coat, please. thank you.”

And when he isn’t modeling for American Apparel or Tory, he also models for Beats by Dre. No wonder this little puppy’s favorite activity is sleeping!

“so honored to be part of the Beats By Dre #showyourcolor campaign! PINK headphones?! YES. for those that ask what i am listening to, i present to you my november playlist:
morning alarm: abc … jackson 5
afternoon stroll: good day sunshine … the beatles
naptime: dream … priscilla ahn
serenade for buddy: the way i am … ingrid michaelson
serenade for human: “c” is for cookie … cookie monster”

Who knew that a cute pomeranian with a weird haircut could create such a buzz? Although Boo likes to pretend that all he does is sleep and pose for pictures a lot of hardwork goes into maintaining his image and personal brand. Boo can teach us all that in order to develop a successful personal brand you have to be true to yourself, explore other areas to enter and network your tail off. Of course, being cute doesn’t hurt either.

Just for a disclaimer, I took all the photos from Boo’s Facebook page! If you click on a picture, his Facebook will open in a new window! Be sure to become a fan!


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